Coronavirus / Covid 19

Our current position at Sankaku

We cannot yet return to train indoors due to our normal venue being unavailable. Please bear in mind that our venue is a school, with its own health and safety obligations, which will impact on our ability to resume indoor training in the short term.

We will also follow relevant guidance issued by Sport England and the British Aikido Board, which may change depending upon the wider public health situation.

It is likely we will resume practice in stages. Outdoor training is likely to start during July. This will be based on movement and posture exercises, and also use of Aikido weapons (wooden sword and staff). Realistically we do not expect indoor training to resume until August at the earliest. But there are things we can do before then. And with Aikido weapons safe distancing almost takes care of itself!

Keeping informed

If you are interested in joining us once we have the go-ahead to resume and would like to be kept informed please contact us using the button below.