Our Instructors

Our instructors are accredited to teach Aikido by the British Aikido Board (governing body for Aikido within the UK).

Our instructors have also received training in first aid and safeguarding.

Marco Ford

2nd Dan – Club Leader & Chief Instructor

Marco has over 20 years experience in Aikido, including ten years as an instructor to both adults and children.

Marco prides himself on the breadth and range of his Aikido, having trained with a number of instructors and associations during that time.

In recent years he has studied with Andrew Baird (5th dan Lancashire Aikikai) and David Yates (6th dan British Aikido Federation). Marco has also attended seminars delivered by Minoru Kanetsuka, Miyuki Kumazawa, and our own Technical Director Atsushi Mimuro.

David Jones

1st Dan – Club Secretary

David has studied Aikido for over 10 years. Similarly to Marco, he has trained with a number of different associations, including Aikido Yuishinkai, British Aikido Federation (at Chester with Stephen Parr 6th dan and Manchester with David Yates 6th dan), and most recently with Lancashire Aikikai.

David has attended seminars led by prominent UK based instructors as well as seminars by international instructors such as Hiroshi Ikeda, Miyuki Kumazawa, and our own Technical Director Atsushi Mimuro.

Our Instructors in Action

The video below shows Marco and David taking part in an Aikido demonstration by Lancashire Aikikai in 2018.