Lancashire Aikikai

Sankaku Aikido is a member of Lancashire Aikikai.

All students who join Sankaku Aikido automatically become members of Lancashire Aikikai as well. This means there is a wider community of Aikido students and teachers to train with and learn from. Lancashire Aikikai has a number of clubs across the region. Many of these are within easy travelling distance of Sankaku Aikido.

Atsushi Mimuro

Technical Director

The Technical Director of Lancashire Aikikai is Atsushi Mimuro Shihan. Lancashire Aikikai has a direct connection to Japan and the Aikido ‘Hombu’ (or headquarters) through its affiliation to Yokohama International Aikido Club where Mimuro Shihan is the director and chief instructor.

Mimuro Shihan holds the rank of 7th Dan. The word ‘Shihan’ is an additional title awarded to senior instructors in recognition of their expertise. Mimuro Shihan was formerly a direct student of Seigo Yamaguchi Shihan who held the rank of 9th Dan and was the chief instructor at Hombu dojo.

Bob Spence

Principal & Chairman

Bob Spence Sensei (6th Dan) is the Principal and Chairman of Lancashire Aikikai. In 2019 Spence Sensei celebrated his 50th year in Aikido.

Mr Spence began training at the Chorley Budo Club under the leadership of Marion Mucha Sensei (the founder of Lancashire Aikikai). Mr Spence also received direct tuition from Kazuo Chiba Sensei and was awarded his ‘first dan’ black belt by Chiba Sensei in 1971. Mr Spence is well known throughout the Aikido community as one of the British Aikido Board’s coaching tutors.

In addition to Spence Sensei, Lancashire Aikikai benefits from the expertise and experience of other senior instructors and club leaders across the organisation.

Our link with Lancashire Aikikai provides our students with a fantastic opportunity to broaden and enrich their experience of Aikido.

Further Information

If you want to read more about Lancashire Aikikai click here visit their home page.