How To Find Us

Our location

We train at Cavendish Community Primary School, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 1JG. The school is located on Cavendish Road near to the junction with Burton Road and Lapwing Lane.

The training hall is within the new school extension called the Rhodes Building.

To open a larger version of the map in pdf format click here.

The sports hall where we train is marked in blue on the location map. The pedestrian access routes are also marked with blue arrows. From the car park walk through the rear gate and the sports hall will be in view at the rear corner of the new school building (the ‘Rhodes Building’).

If you enter through the front gate on Cavendish Road turn immediately right without walking through the front doors, walk across the front of the school building, then turn left along the path that runs between the two school buildings towards the rear of the campus. The sports hall is in the ‘Rhodes Building’.

Getting there by car

The best approaches to Cavendish Road are via Burton Road, which links northwards to Withington and southwards to Barlow Moor Road, or via Lapwing Lane, which links eastwards towards the junction with Palatine Road.

When you reach the school by car, drive across the front of the school. The entrance to the car park is via a gate at the far edge of the school campus (marked with a red arrow on the map above).

A driveway runs along the far edge of the school campus and the car park is at the rear. From the car park use the rear entrance and follow the corridor towards the front of the school, turn right, and the hall is located on the ground floor.

Getting there by tram

We are easily accessible by tram. As the map shows, Burton Road Metrolink station is a short two minute walk away. The tram is, quite literally, just around the corner. Both the station and the school are marked in yellow on the map.

Burton Road station is on the East Didsbury line.

Getting there by bus

Whilst the Metrolink is the easiest means of public transport, we are also located within walking distance of two of the major bus corridors.

To the eastern side, just off the map along Lapwing Lane, is Palatine Road with numerous buses running out of Manchester via Rusholme and Fallowfield, and on towards Northenden. To the western side of the map, along Cavendish Road, is pedestrian access to Princess Parkway another major bus corridor.